Read the statements below. Analyze the questions and answers and decide if they make sense together. Then, choose the correct alternative:

I. Is Inácio Lula da Silva the president of Brazil? / Yes, she is.

II. Are Lady Gaga and Madonna cousins? / No, they aren’t.

III. Is João and Maria siblings? / Yes, they are.

IV. Are that door broken? / No, it isn’t. It’s just a bit loose.
(A)There isn’t any correct question.
(B)The question and answer in II make sense together.
(C)All the alternatives are correct.
(D)There are three correct questions.
(E)All the questions are correct for the corresponding answers.



A melhor resposta!
A alternativa certa é a letra B eu suponho
2 4 2
Iii and iv estao certos 
eu estou com duvidas da ii
1 2 1