Eu fisso esta mesma pergunta e alguém me respondeu. Foram 10 de cada: 
Regular Verbs
1. Children dressed  quickly.
2.  I  helped my mother in the kitchen.
3.  We walked in the park.
4.  They washed  their clothes in the bathroom.
5.  We watched an interesting film.
6.  Students worked in the garden.
7.   Guna  played basketball.
8.  The girl s
kipped very fast.    
9.  It rained a lot.
10. Henry skied down the hill.  

Irregular Verbs
1. Wow, you brought me some flowers! 
2. I'm
 so sorry, I forgot your birthday.
3. Melanie hid the present from her sister.
4. The children took their schoolwork home.
5. John slept in class.
6. The mother hit the child on the leg.
7. Tony read about South Africa.
8. Alisa was tired so she lay down.
9. Thomas laid the book on the coffee table.
10. My parents caught a cold when they went skiing.
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