Answer the Questions

1- Is there any mall near house?
2-How much is a good digital camera?
3-Is there anybody to speak English with you after class?
4-Is it good or bad to ask questions all the time?
5- Is there any good TV program on TV tonight?
6-Is there a good consert to go this weekend?



1) Yes, there's one.
2) It's a little expensive.
3) Yes, a friend of mine.
4) It depends on the person you're going to ask something.
5) No, all of them are awful. Let's watch a movie!
6) Yes! The Killers are going to perform tonight in a place at downtown.

Errata: 6ª: concert* 

reparei agora mano, downtown com preposição não existe cara
Really? Antes de escrever, pesquisei "at downtown", porque foi o que me veio à cabeça, e vi várias frases com preposição. Obrigado por me dizer.
A melhor resposta!
1, yes, there is one in front of the dina's diner
2-In my opinion 500 dolars
3-yes, my sister speak english very well, and after class she speak english with me.
4-Is bad, enough to be annoying.
5-no, there isn't
6-No, there isn't, but will have a next week.
2 4 2
3ª: speaks* (nos dois casos). 4ª: It's*(e não tem vírgula depois do "bad"). 6ª: but there will be some next week* ;))