Esta redação tem que ter 6 linhas pf me ajudem em ingles!!!!!

hello, i'm fine! what about you? my friends and i are eating some italian food. Yes, i do, i like japanese food!! my favorite one is sushi too... they're very good! are you enjoying japan? i hope yes! by see you next week


Me and my friends loves eat at the italian food, we like to eat the pizza of pepperoni and spaguetti,we eat every monday,the food is good and the waiter's always with a smile.
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My best friend is Gabrielly, she loves go to the movies and eat popcorn with me, Friday we were watch Rio 2 in Playarte, We love the movie was very funny, then i went to sleep at her house, Saturday we went to English class together, she help me in excersises, because we always help us.
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