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My sister is more intelligent than that boy.
Minha irmã é mais inteligente do que aquele garoto.

He is fatter than his father.
Ele é mais gordo do que seu pai.

They are taller than us.
Eles são mais altos do que nós.

My mother is more beautiful than my aunt.
Minha mãe é mais linda que minha tia.

Bob's motorcycle is older than my car.
A moto do Bob é mais velho que meu carro.

The Eiffel Tower is bigger than the Statue of Liberty.
A Torre Eiffel é maior que a Estatua da Liberdade.

The cake is more delicious than the ice cream.
O bolo é mais delicioso do que o sorvete.

A car is more comfortable than a motorcycle.
Um carro é mais confortável do que uma moto.

My uncle is taller than my father.
Meu tio é mais alto do que meu pai.

Jane looks younger than her sister Ann.
Jane parece mais nova do que sua irmã Ann.
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-Yesterday was the HOTTEST day of the year.
-It was the MOST BORING film i've ever seen.
-It was the WORST film i've ever seen.
-It was the EASIEST game i've ever seen.
-It was the LONGEST film i've ever seen.
-Bia is the MOST BEAUTIFUL girl of the school.
-I am the MOST INTELIGENT student of my class.
-John is the FATTEST man in the family.
-Aline is the HAPPIEST girl in this party.
-I'm the GREATEST person in the world