Reescreva as frases a seguir na voz passiva:

We are destroying the forests
2. You should avoid junk food
3. They have not protected the environment
4. They will hold the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Passe as frases para a voz passiva:

1. Man-made chemicals are destroying the ozone layer
2. Oscar Niemeyer designed the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Niteroi.
3. The Panama Canal links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
4. Technology will rule the world

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Passive Voice é usado quando o foco está na ação. Não tendo importância "o que" ou "quem" está fazendo a ação.

1. The forests are being destroyed by us.
2. Junk food should be avoied by you.
3. The environment have not been protected by them.
4. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be hold by them.

1. The ozene layer are being destroyed by the man-made chemicals.
2. The Museum of  Contemporary Art, in Niteroi was designed by Oscar Niemeyer.
3. The Atlantic and Pacific oceans are linked by the Panama Canal.
4. The world will be ruled by technology.

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