Make up sentences

1) look / at/ shy

2) go/ rock concert

3)favorite / pop band

4) lake/ dirty

5) her/ shorts

6)look for/ new

7)over here/ watching a film

8) theater / my city

8 - my friend goes to the theather in my city
1 - look ate the sky
2 i am going to a rock concert
3 this is my favorite pop band
4 this lake is dirty
5 i give for her this shorts
6 look for my new pants
7 who is that girl over there who is watching a film?


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1)Look at her.She is so shy.

2)I'm going to a rock concert.

3)What's your favorite pop band?

4)This lake is dirty.

5)Look at her red shorts.

6)I'm looking for a new job.

7)What are you doing? Come over here, I'm whatcing a film.

8)There's a new theater in my city.

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