1 - Preencher as lacunas nos diálogos com as palavras na caixa.

Since – During – Former
– Youth – Attend – Immension

A) Sam: Do you Know why English is spoken in India?

Vicky: I don’t know … Maybe because India is a -- former -- British colony.

B) Tim: Joey,have you and Ann been friends for a long

Joey: Yeah, very long, ------------------------------ 2001, I think.
Our parents are neighbors.

Tim: Really? Sou you know her well. Hum, does she have
a boyfriend?

C) Glenn: Was it your first time in Paris, Sue?

Sue: No I’d been there a couple os times before. My
First time in Paris was ----------------- The 1990s, when I was a student.

D) Robbie: I’d prefer to hire teenagers for this job.

Paul: Why?

Roobie: Because their ------------------------------ gives them energy and enthusiasm to
learn the job.

E) Zac: You must be excited about the trip to Japan,

Laureen: Yes, I really am but also kind of worried.

Zac: Worried about what?

Laureen: You know, it’s a language ---------------------- course, so I’II have lots of
classes and many other activies.

F) Joe: What are your responsibilities as an exchange

Laura: Well, I have to ------------------- scool, help with the
housework and participate in a sustainability project.

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B) since
C) during
D) youth
E) former
F) attend

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