Aí está:

   We got out of the school at 7:30 and went to Pousada do Rei. After one hour and a half of journey, we got there at breakfast time. Which included butter and bread, yogurt and juice. It was delicious by the way. then we all went to play in the pool, at the soccer ground and in the playground.    After a long time, we have been called to a Capoeira workshop. Capoiera is a traditional kind of fight which includes mix marcial arts, music and expressions about Brazilian culture. It has been also developed by Africans' slaves descendants and it is based in nimble and complexed movements.    Our Capoeira teacher, Márcio, has been teaching Capoeira for 22 years and has told us about berimbau instrument, which is an instrument used to play songs for capoeira fight.    Then we came to keep playing, and when a bell rang, we went to have lunch. After playing for many hours, we went at the school at 16:00, got there at 17:30 and got out to go home.

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