Present Continuos:


He isn't joining us for the football match tonight.

Is she going to the picnic this afternoon?
I am not doing any more work today. 
I am watching my favorite program on TV right now.
She is looking for a new job. 
Where are you going right now?
What are they doing?
Is she eating a chocolate now? 
I am not working on that project.
She isn't listening to you.


Present Perfect :


You have seen that movie many times.

John has already visited Canada.

Think that I have met him once before.

She has lost her keys

My grandmother has won a lot of money out of gambling
I have been married for 2 years

Have you dreamt a lot lately ?

Have you seen my last English grades ?

I have had the worst nightmare
Have you ever eaten shrimp ?


Com Auxiliar:


Does your mother know how to cook?

(OBS): Eu nao entendi essa acho que esta errado essa do Auxiliar

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