Passe o texto para o simple past
monday trought friday i get up at 6:00 am, i brush my teeth and i will take coffe, 6:30 go to school, 11:45 am out of school and come home, coming home will have lunch.
The afternoon make tasks and ride skateboarding with my friends, on friday i catechesis 17:45 pm. on saturday will walk jeep and help my parents.
sunday i go to the house of my grandmother have lunch with family, cousins and uncles.

OBS: o texto esta no simple present



Monday I got up at 6am I brushed my teeth and I took coffee 630 I went to school.1145 am out of school  and came home.come home I had lunch.
The afternoon made  tasks and ride shateboardins with my friends, on friday I catechesis 1745 pm,On saturday walked jeep and helped  my parents.Sunday I went the house of my grandmother  had lunch with my family , cousins  and uncles.