Our parents are arriving later this evening.
You weren't home when I ariived.
You gotta remember the rukes of the game.
Remember to bring your camera.
I'm sorry, I forgot your birthday.
I forgot my document at the cafeteria.
The students are lazy today, that's why the teacher is impatient with them.
She looks amazing in that light blue dress.
My brother helped her study for the test.
It's important to know when to give your opinion.
Espero ter ajudado... ;D
*I love horses - amo cavalos
*I am a fan of hunger games  - sou fa de jogos vorazes
*I think elephants cuts - eu acho elefantes fofos
*I hate my sister - eu odeio minha irma
*the monkeys are crazy - os macacos sao loucos
*John bought lolly pop yesterday - joao comprou pirulito ontem
*I really like the band twentyforseven - eu realmete gosto da banda tewentyforseven
*Hey baby, what you think about you and me together forever ? - iai gato, o que vc acha de mim e vc pra sempre?
*fairy tales are so cutes - contos de fadas sao fofos
*some day, I wish go to the Disney - eu desejo ir a Disney algum dia.
*old peoples are bored - pessoas velhas sao chatas