Gente novamente kkk me ajudem é muito ..muito urgente!
passas as frases para a forma interrogativa e negativa!

1) The students understood the lessons
2) the man remembered the scoal rules
3) Charel created fashionable clothes
4) Frank talked to my boos
5)she relaxed after lunch
6) I lought many good books



!)Did the students understand the lessons?
The students didn't understand the lessons.
2)Did the man remember the scool rules?
The man didn't remember the scool rules.
3)Did charel create fashionable clothes?
Charel didn't create fashionable clothes.
4) Did frank talk to my boss?
Frank didn't talk to my boss.
5)did she relax after lunch?
She didn't relax after lunch.
6) Did I buy many good books?
I didn't buy many good books.