Se If I were you, I would do the same!  42 in em I’ve got something in my eye.  43 last último (a) What’s your last name?  44 many muitos We have many reasons to celebrate.  45 me mim, me Do you remember me?  46 more mais Listen more, and talk less!  47 most o (a) mais, maioria Most of my friends study English.  48 much muito Thank you very much.  49 my meu, minha Did you know my father?  50 near perto, próximo Is there a bank near here?       Inglês   Português   Exemplo  51 never nunca I’ve never been to the USA.  52 new novo (a) I need to buy a new car.  53 no, not não Please, don’t tell anybody.  54 now agora Thanks, I’m not hungry now.  55 of de Why did you change the color of your hair?  56 on no, na Do you go to church on Sundays?  57 only apenas, somente I was only trying to help.  58 or ou Are you listening to me or not?  59 other outro, outra (s) When did you first meet each other?  60 our nosso, nossa (s) We bought our house in 1994.       Inglês   Português   Exemplo  61 out fora, saída Get out!  62 people povo, pessoas Smart people study foreign languages.  63 please por favor Could you please pass me the salt?  64 price preço He wants to be a polyglot at any price!  65 same o mesmo, a mesma We were wearing exactly the same dress!  66 she ela She is my best friend.  67 so tão, então Thank you for being so patient.  68 something algo, alguma coisa Is there something you would like to say?  69 sometimes às vezes Sometimes it’s best not to say anything.  70 still / yet ainda
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