Preciso de 5 frases com this, 5 com these, 5 com that e 5 com those

This love has taken its toll on me. This is the start of something beautiful. This is the start of something new. I can love you more than this. This is an orange ruler. Those are books. Those are my umbrella. Those are bikes. Those are my pencils. Those are keys.



that is my that is the presente that is our love  that is my way   that is the love
I want this book
this is very important
this is my mother
this house is very big
this room is a mess

these books are ours
I don't want to read these emails
these pencils are yellow
these are my sisters
these carrots aren't good

I want to but that house
that is a brown wallet
that umbrella belongs to Andre
that computer is expensive
that is a bus

I don't know those girls
look at those pants
those books are blue
those dogs are happy
those are cats
3 4 3