Today when I woke up, and open my eyes, my room was already full of the sun light, so I wanted to cover my head and come back to sleep, but my mother yelled my name, of course I didn't answer, so she could think I was still sleeping, but she came into my room, pulled my blanket and threw a glass of water, I couldn't believe she did that, so I stood up and look at her, she was completely ignoring my sleep time, then I walked strait to the bathroom, toke a shower and when I came out, my mother had already take off the breakfast table, I didn't care if it was almost the time of lunch, so I opened the refrigerator looking for something to eat,  and she said, "You won't have breakfast now,  close the refrigerator, and go wash the dishes". I was already mad because she doesn't allowed me to sleep, now she doesn't let me eat, and I have to wash the dishes, then I did what she told me to, and then went to my bedroom. While I was waiting for lunch, I saw my calendar and I remembered that today was mother's day, and I had completely forgotten, after I realized how I was terrible son, I went to the kitchen, I said to her that I was so sorry about what happened, and I said that she didn't needed to worry about lunch anymore, that I would tried to cook something eatable so she could rest at least for her special morning.

Só uma dica, não é facil de fazer umaquestão como essa então da próxima seja mais generosa com a pontuação que alguém provavelmente te ajudara mais rapido. rs