Laurel = L
Mary = M
John =: J
L:Hi Jane!
M:Hi Laurel!
L:How are you?
M:I'm fine, and you?
L:Me too. What are you doing so early at the mall?
M:I came here with my fiance, he wanted to have breakfast in here.
L:Oh, I know a great bakery here, it's right down the hall, I can take you there if you want.
(John appears)
J:Hi Laurel!
L:Hi John! I was talking to Jane about that bakery over there, did you know already?
J: Yes, It's there that I was taking her, but I have to stop at the restroom.
L: Ok then, I have to get back to work, have a good day you two.
M:Thank you Laurel!
J:See you Laurel, Stay with God.
M:Laurel is a lovely person isn't?
J:Yes, it is.. So let's get our breakfast, I'm hungry already.
M: Ok sweety.