Verbos Irregulares no Passado

1- Wow, you brought me some flowers! 
2- I'm so sorry, I forgot your birthday. 
3- Melanie hid the present from her sister.
4- The children took their schoolwork home.
5- John slept in class.
6- I spent all my money.
7- Tony read about South Africa.
8- Alisa was so tired she lay down.
9- John laid the book on the coffee table.
10 - My parents caught a cold.

Verbos Regulares no Passado

1- I agreed with the deal.
2- I asked the teacher all of my doubts.
3- John competed on the summer games.
4- Mary confessed her love for Brian.
5- Her mother yelled at her.
6- Bruno was worried about his test.
7- Liam typed the whole night.
8- Kaira surprised her mother with a party.
9- Tate served the army.
10- He always regretted that day.

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