use the appropriate verb from the box to fill in the blanks . Use the simple past in the negative and then in the affirmative form.

Travel - arrive - watch - study - help

a) I -------------------- english last night . I----------------------- portuguese
b) we ----------------- the teacher this morning . We ------------------ the principal
Michael ------------------- the talk show yesterday . He --------------------- a movie
d) Mrs. Williams ------------------------------- to Los Angeles . She ------------------ to Chicago
e) You ------------------------------ home early çast night . You ---------------------- at around eleven o´ clock



A) I didn´t study english last night. I studyed portuguese.
b) We didn't help the teacher this morning. We helped the principal.
c) Michael didn't watch the talk show yesterday . He watched a movie.
d) Mrs. Williams didn't travel to Los Angeles . She traveled to Chicago.
e) You didn't arrive home early çast night . You arrived at around eleven o´ clock 
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