STREET CHILDRENI even think I was born on the street. When I was a baby my mother was begging alms with me on his lap and I stayed with her until about five years . Then I went with my brother to John Mendes square and we stood there, the Cathedral and Straight Street . When I was getting bigger , my brother began to fill me and want to send me. I met a guy who was on av . St. John , where there has those pharmacies that are open all night . We stayed there a long time and was very nice. Until some kids killed the guy in the pharmacy. Have you seen ? Do you remember? Went up in the newspaper . It was crazy . Everyone took off. Police crashed killing . Thought they were our people , but it was not not . But we could not go back . Then we went to Roosevelt Square , but out of luck because there robbed a jewelry store and soon found that we were just in the middle . A boy "marked silliness " and fell into the hands of the police. Then we gave disappearance , then walked a bit there near the Hilton and now we're here .after all, who has a cat hunting dog The last will be the first, Make do with what you have.
A drowning man will clutch at a straw.