Read the story Am Have Cant agaim and complete the rules
to be
i /am /
you/ / astudent
he/ /12 years old
she/ /smrt
it / /
we/ /
you /
they / /

to have
i/ /
you/ /
he/ /a computer an english dictionary
she/ /a brother an a sister
it/ /
we/ /
you/ /
thy / /

nao da pra entender muito bem isso ai


         to be
i /am                   / a great student
you/     are              / a student
he/      is               /12 years old
she/       is            /smart
it /           is           / my favorite dessert
we/      are              / fan of that men
you       are             /  the best person
they /        are         / boring people

                         to have
i/         have                                  / to buy an icecream right now
you/                     have to                 / agree with me
he/                  have                     /a computer an english dictionary
she/                   have                  /a brother an a sister 
it/                   have                      / a great result
we/                  have                    / some candies
you/               have                      / a wide backyard
thy /                   have                 / a lot of friends