1-) Whose are those books?
2-) How do you go to school?
3-) Do you like onion?
4-) Where is my pencil-case?
5-) Do you lend me some papers?
6-) What is your job?
7-) How was the trip?
8-) Does she like dancing?
9-) Does he cook?
10-) Where are you going?
11-) Do you prefer house or apartament?
12-) Does she study everyday?
13-) How often do you have a walking?
14-) Who is that person over there?
15-) What time do you wake up?
16-) What's your favorite colour?
17-) Does your brother like horror movies?
18-) Does your sister enjoy going to the mall?
19-) How much does this shirt cost?
20-) Do you believe in astrology?
21-) Do you like reading newspapers?
22-) Does your aunt prefer tea or coffee?
23-) Does your uncle swim?
24-) What sports do you like?
25-) Do you drive?

1-) I go to the job on foot.
2-) She eats salad everyday
3-) He doesn't like soccer.
4-) I deserve to be happy.
5-) My sister enjoys thriller movies.
6-) I don't like my neighbors.
7-) I loved traveling by ship.
8-) I just sleep in silence.
9-) He plays guitar.
10-) She needs to study more.
11-) My grandmother feels lonely sometimes.
12-) I'm not in a good mood today.
13-) He likes tall girls.
14-) It fits perfectly.
15-) It sounds very nice.
16-) I like rainy days.
17-) I leave my job at afternoon.
18-) He watches TV every day.
19-) They are so funny.
20-) We live in a modern society
21-) I still like playing games.
22-) My mother speaks germany.
23-) My father pilots a helicopter.
24-) The Red Sea is blue.
25-) I have a beautiful cat.

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