Preciso de 10 frases do verbo can na forma afirmativa rápido,se for rapido esse site é o melhor de todos

por favor rapido!
1- i can fly to the glory. 2- i can be strong. 3- you can make this. 4- just believe you can. 5- now that you can have me. 6-can you feel it? 7-i can tell you the trut about this. 8-hey you believe in your dreams bcause you can stay in the top the world. 9-you are crazy man how you can take this? 10-i know that i'm strong and i can
1 >> I can eat.


1- I can shopping today.
2- You can go to Anna's house.
3- He can study here.
4- She can buy the car.
5- They can do whatever they want.
6- I can fix that, if you want.
7- You can call them later.
8- You can read this book.
9- He can buy this house.
10- I can drink this.
1 >> I can eat
2>>> I can run
3 >>> I can jumping
4 >>> I can sleep
5 >> I can love
6 >> I can like
7 >> I can read
8 >> I can white
9 >> I can player
10>> I can singr