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1- Yes, we can go to the mall today.

2- Yes, you can eat this sandwich.

3- Of course, you can live here.

4- Yes, we can!

5- I can go there help you too.

6- I can speak english.

7- You can do your homework here.

8- Yes, I can cook the dinner for you.

9- I can copy this exercice from the internet.

10- I can cheat in my english test.
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ai muuuuito obrigado,agora meu trabalho ta terminado
De nada ;)
1) I can't belive in you;
2) I can drink;
3) You can do it;
4) you can have a can of beer;
5) I can't play now;
6) All can help she;
7) We can't go now;
8) She can have all;
9) I don't can sleep;
10) Everybody can like this.
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