Posso te ajudar com algumas frases!
Verbos irregulares:
1. I did my homework yesterday
2. I drank a glass of milk in the morning
3. I ate a delicious cake at lunch
4. She saw a car cash today
5. He said beautiful thing to her
6. She drove a blue car
7. I caught the ball on the street
8. They spoke English with me
9. He bought a beautiful T-shirt 
10. The mother fed the baby
11. They forgave to bring the homework
12. We grew up together
13. I lost my keys last night
14. I thought of an efficient plan
15. She quit after arguing with her boss

Verbos regulares:
1. I learned English at school
2. I watched that movie last week
3. She allowed this proposal
4. I liked it very much
5. We expressed our opinion
6. Yesterday he organized his bedroom
7. They assumed that
8. He cooked a delicious pie
9. She criticized the class
10. We divided our pizza into eight pieces
11. They judged our ideas
12. He blamed his father
13. The new IPhone launched last night
14. They discovered a new planet
15. I helped him with the lessons
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