Como responder a esta pergunta corretamente;
A) How much is an MP3 in your country?

Complete the sentences:
1.We go to the _________ pool with our friends every__________.
2.Let's ___________________________________________in the skating rink.

Thank you very much!



An MP3 costs about ??? reais/dollars

We go to the outdoor/indoor pool with our friends every morning/afternoon/night/Monday/Thursday/Tuesday/Saturday/Sunday/Friday/Wednesday (você escolhe)

Let's have fun in the skating rink
as dúvidas na primeira frase substitui por um número qualquer
é o preço
A melhor resposta!
Poderia ser também:
In my country an MP3 is about 50 reais.
We go to the swimming pool with our friends every weekend.
Let's skate in the skating rink.
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