I was reading my favorite book last night.
It was raining a lot when we left.
What were you doing at 10 a.m?
Yesterday ,at 5´o  clock , I was going to the mall.
Were they reading?
Was I learning?
They were reading 
I was learning
I was singing a little song.
Were They learning English?
1 5 1
Ok... mas onde está a palavra WHILE?
Obrigado, mais não vejo o while !
Mary was studying while her sister was sleeping.
The kids were playing in the park while their parents were working.
My sister was reading a book while I was watching TV.
Bob was doing his homework while his mother was cleaning the house.
John was having dinner while his wife was on the phone.
Jerry was playing cards while his friends were studying.
I was studying math while Susan was studying history.
They were reading a book while Kelly was writing a letter.
I was sleeping while my father was working.
She was cooking while the kids were playing video game.  

3 3 3