Prontinho! Pode marcar a resposta como a melhor? Haha. Me esforcei tanto :s
ok's :D
como eu sou novo como eu fasso isso?
Do lado do botão "obrigado", que fica embaixo da minha resposta, tem uma opção que diz "marcar como a melhor resposta". É só clica ali :D


A melhor resposta!
1) Did she go to the mall yesterday?
2) Did he work last week?
3) What did you learn last class?
4) When did she meet her boyfriend?
5) Were you at McDonald's last night?

1) I went to the mall yesterday.
2) He worked last week.
3) We had a lot of fun at the park.
4) I traveled to Europe last vacation.
5) They met at a Starbucks' store.

1) We didn't eat too much yesterday.
2) I didn't travel to France last year.
3) She didn't get good grades.
4) They didn't go to the party.
5) It isn't that good.
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