1)change to negative and interrogative:
a)He visited Japan last year.
b)They enjoyed the party yesterday
c)I studied Science last semester
d)You planned a trip to Recife
e)She worked as a secretary in 1997
f)We washed the car last week
g)It played with a ball last night
2)change the sentences from present to past.
a)I walk in the park
b)You watch TV.
c)He dances ballet
d)she cries every day
e)It loves that house
f)We hate carrots
g)You try to sleep
h)They listen to the radio



a- negativa= he didn't visit Japan last year.
interrogativa=did he visit Japan last year?

b-n=they didn't enjoy the party yesterday.
i=did they enjoy the party yesterday?

c-n= I didn't study Science last semester.
i=did I study Science last semester?

d-n=you didn't plan a trip to Recife.
i=did you plan a trip to Recife?

e-n=she didn't work as a secretary in 1997.
i=did she work as a secretary in 1997?

f-n=we didn't wash the car last week.
i=did we wash the car last week?

g-n=it didn't play with a ball last night.
i=did it play with a ball last night?

a-I walked in the park.
b-you watched TV.
c-he danced ballet.
d-she cried every day.
e-it loved that house.
f-we hated carrots.
g-you tried to sleep.
h-they listened to the radio.
espero ter ajudado.