Gente me ajudem é urgente !!!
Make sentences containing there things:
1 interrogative-tailor , any, scissirs
2- negative - anytging , shop , brother
3-affirmative- we , magician , tent
4-negative question- there is /are , crystal , Brazil
5-affirmative - they , everything, geometry
6-interrogative - were, marbles , garden
7-negative - birthday, baker ,spring
8-affirmative-she , plane , sleep
9-negative question - hairdresser , factory, mt father.



1-Taylor,do you have any sicissors?
2-My brother isns't going to shop anything.
3-We can fix the tent of the magician.
4-Isn't there a crystal in Brazil?
5-They Know everything about geometry?
6-Were you have a garden  marbles?
7-my birthday is in spring. the bker is going to make my cake.
8-She sleep in the plane.
9-Do your father works in a factory and your mom is a hairdresser?