Beatriz está atrasada para seu casamento. Todo mundo está na igreja esperando por ela. Os convidados fazem deduções sobre o seu atraso.
Example: ( might/ she/ be ) She mighe raint be late because of the rain

1. ( have/ may/ the driver/ picked/ not )
The driver may not have picked her up yet.
2. ( have/ might/ changed/ she)
her mind
3. ( may/ she/ be )
in love with someone else
4. ( might/ she/ had/ have )
an accident
5. (be/ might/ there )
a lot of traffic
6. ( be/ she/ may)
at the hairdresser



2. She might have changed her mind.

3. She may be in love with someone else.

4. She might have had an accident.

5. There might be a lot of traffic.

6. She may be at the hairdresser.