Poderiam dizer-me se há erros?

The ball of Berlin (European Portuguese) or dream (Portuguese Brazilian) is the traditional cake similar to the German Berliner. Unlike this, normally stuffed with sweet red (Strawberry, raspberry, etc. ), is stuffed with sweet yellow called pastry cream. The stuffing is put through the roundhouse, being always visible.
Berlin's balls are fried and sprinkled with sugar before being stuffed with pastry cream. Their German counterparts elicited a slightly smaller than box diameter and are usually sprinkled with sugar thinner.There are also some with no filling.
In Portugal, it is possible to find balls of Berlin in most bakeries, which sometimes also the feature without stuffing. Are very consumed on beaches in the South of the country.
In Brazil, are known as dream and are very consumed in the country. Marketing began to give in the early 20 th century in bakeries of Sao Paulo, with the use of the leftovers of doughs. Are presented, usually stuffed with pastry cream or dulce de leche.



Não há erros. Apenas substitua "Dulce de leche" por " Milk Candy "
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No lugar de "balls of Berlin" coloque Berlin's ball. Desse jeito q você colocou não está errado porém é uma dica..