Jack was a little   boy when he moved to Canada, he was born in Seattle Usa, but his parents prefered to move to Wisttler in Canada.
 After couple years, jack got in love with the mountains, at the age of 10, he first Ice climbed, and started to see the world with new eyes.
 Jack lived in  in Canada for 20 years, when he was about to turn 21, he got a trip to Cancun, and left the mountains and got a new love, the ocean. 
 But the new life of Jack, was not that easy, he didn't know how to speack spanish, but even that he found a girl, Mari who helped Jack to learn more than spanish, she showed him how to love.
 Since Jack was familiar with the new paradaise, and leraned the language, he went to school, he graduated, he got married,  he bought a boat and Maria Jack and the kids, started a new history traveling around the world on a boat,living a dream, and discovering the world's beauty.