Comparativo de superioridade:
This teacher is better than that one.
I play soccer better than Bob.
This book is worse than the other one.
Math is better than history.
This black blouse is better than the blue one.
This blue house is worse than the yellow one.
My job is better than yours.
Your cell phone is worse than mine.
These shoes are better than those.
Her rings are worse than yours.

Mary is the best student here.
This is the worst day of my live.
Those singers are the best.
That band is the worst one in the city.
I am the best cook in my house.
She is the worst teacher I've ever had.
Laura is the best player in our team.
That was the worst class I've ever had.
This book is the best one.
That was the worst party in the world.
espero ter ajudado.

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