_ HI how are you doing?
- Hello I am doing well thanks, what's your name?
- My name is Bart, and you?
- I am sally, ow do  I spell your name?
-It's B-a-r-t, do you understand now ?
- Yes, I do thanks, and what do you do ?
- I am a chef, and you what do you do for living?
- I do web desgner, I am a student. Where do you live?
- I live in Camberra, do you know Camberra?
- Do you mean, Camberra, Australia? 
- Yes you are right I am from Australia.
- Hey do you know that girl next to that dog?
_ yes I do, do you know her too?
- I think I do, does sh have a little brother?
- Yes she does.
- She doen't have know much english, right?
- No she doens't, she is from Japan.
- What does she do here?
_ She's visiting her family thet live here, but they are from Japan too.
- Cool, do you know what time is it?
- Yes I do, it's 7.
_ Owwww, I have to do my home work before class, see you.
- See you, I liked talking with you.
-Me too, bye
- bye

Does she speak japanise? yes she does, does she have family here? Yes she does, does she have pets? yes she does, does she know you? Yes she does, does she have lots of friends ? no she doesn't, do you think she likes rock? no she doens't, and you do you like rock? I do algumas perguntas extras para colocar no meio do texto se caso não der 15 perguntas, pode acrescentar este trecho apos a inha 15 se necessario