1)Answer the questions;
a. What do you do before going to bed?
b. What do you want to be when you are an adult?

2)Complete the senteces:
a.We_______________________ at my friend´s house last night.
b._______________________________was an awesome party.

3)Choose the right alternative:
What are you________
a. to do
b. do
c. doing

sei lá se vira se a nossa ajuda se liga bico de luz


Olá, DayaneMalta!

a) What do you do before going to bed?
I want to eat something.

b) What do you want to do when you are an adult?
I want to graduate and work so much.

a) We were at my friend's house last night.
b) It was an awesome party.

What are you doing?

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Thank you very much!
It's nothing. I hope you're gonna learn so much with we all. ;)