Aqui está as 10 palavras em ingles no passado:

1) There was a ball here
2)There were boys and girls in the parks
3)There was a beutiful man here
4)There were two shows in the florest
5)There were a lot of musicans near here
6)There was one dog eating pizza there
7)There were some cheese in the plate
8)There were a lot of planets in the world
9)There was an ice in the fridge
10)There was an apple on the table

Está tudo certinho flor?

obg me ajudou muito so olhe um pouco dos erros que tem ai ta.ok uitissimo obg.
Que erros??
There is a Girl having a soda
There is a Boy eating
There is a woman wearing a red dress
There is a man couting his change
There is a tall boy wearing hat
there is a thin boy wearing jeans
Is there a good play at the theater?
Are there young actors in the play?
There are parties at Sun
Are there old actor in the play?
Are there actors on stage?
Are there seven men wearing hats?
There are eight boys and ten girls at the party
essas sao as que eu sei
e negativa
é so colocar isn't em vez de is e onde tem are coloca aren't
é isso mesmo Julie! ;)
foi nada flor