Por favo essas frases estão embaralhadas me ajudem a desimbaralhar:
what...? did Lennon die? "imagine"
who...? did Lennon live with? aunt mimi
where...? did he do at school? In Liverpool.
when...? did lennon write? songs
which...? did he join the beatles? Because he loved rock 'n' roll.
how...? is Lennon's greatest solo hit? in 1980
why...? did Lennon live? he didn't to well.he wasn't a good student.

pessoal essas frases estão embaralhadas,por favor coloquem na ordem certa e coloquem a tradução>>>>OBRIGADO

Where did Lennon live?In Liverpool
Which is Lennon's greatest solo hit?"Imagine"
Why did he join The Beatles?Because he loved rock'n'roll
How did he do at school?He didn't to well.he wasn't a good student.
obrigado pela ajuda ???? minha série é 7 ano que é 6 série


A melhor resposta!
When did lennon die? In 1980
Quando lennon morreu? Em 1980

Who did lennon live with? Aunt mimi
Com quem lennon morava? Tia mimi

Where did lennon live? In Liverpool
Onde lennon morava? Em Liverpool

Which is lennon's greeatest solo? Imagine
Qual é o melhor solo de lennon? Imagine

How did he do at school? He didn't do well. He wasn't a good student.
Como ele ia na escola? Ele não ia bem. Ele não era um bom aluno.

Why did he join the Beatles? Because he loved rock'n' roll.
Pq ele entrou nos Beatles? Pq ele amava rock'n' roll.

What did lennon write? Songs
Oq lennon escreve? Musicas
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