1- She told me he was going to the cinema tomorrow
2- John told me he was going to be late
3- Richard told her he would buy me a present
4- Marianne told Frank that he could have that belt
5- Johnny told Jannette that Greg invited us to go to the beach with him
6- Phillip told me that Beth wasn't there
7- I told her to get a taxi from the station and not to walk
8- Sally told his teacher that she wouldn't do the homework
9- Will told me he was tired
10- Ellie told me she was going to the supermarket
11- Owen said that Allie could buy the apartment
12- Daniel told me he was worried about the next day's exam
13- Jenn said it was going to be rainy all afternoon
14- She said she was going to school
15- Gregory said that he would travel to Italy next year
16- Quentin said he loved Nicole
17- Meg said that Mary wouldn't go to the party with us
18- Killy said she was sick
19- Joffrey said he was the king of the world
20- Cersei said she liked her brother