1- You worked this week
2- They helped her.
3- He loved the invitation.
4- I lied to him.
5- She studied hard yesterday.
6- This kid cried.
7- He visited his cousin.
8 - You stopped Susan.
9 - You changed this.
10- Susan lied to John.
11- She worked today.
12- We studied a lot today.
13 - He stopped the car.
14- She loved the purse.
15- Anna visited her father.


1- Did you like this house?
2- Did she work today?
3- Did Bob buy  the house?
4- Did Susan call John?
5- Did Bob drink in the party?
6- Did she study?
7- Did the kid cry?
8- Did Michael run yesterday?
9- Did you clean your bedroom?
10- Did they help her?
11- Did the baby play with the toy?
12- Did he do that?
13- Did Anna hit him?
14- Did Paulo scream with Jullie?
15- Did you make the cake?


1- I did not study.
2- She did not cry.
3- the baby did not play.
4- They did not help her.
5- He did not do that.
6- Michael did not hit her.
7- I did not like the house.
8- He did not pay the bill.
9- I did not say that.
10- She did not work today.
11- He did not eat the popcorn.
12- He did not stop the car.
13- He did not visit his cousin.
14- Ana did not make the cake.
15- You did not work lst week.
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