1-The man who lives on the corner is my uncle. 
2-Mr. Smith, who is american, is my boss. 
3-Robert is the man to whom we need to speak. 
4-The girl to whom Peter is talking is his girlfriend. 
5-Ms.Brown,whom I have konwn for 20 years, is my college teacher. 
6-Where is the dog which I saw a minute ago? 
7-Where is the book which I left on the table? 
8-Do you know that girl whose mother is a famous singer? 
9-John Lennon whose songs we still sing was killed in 1980. 
10-David, whose car was stolen yesterday, is my uncle. 

1 1 1
A melhor resposta!
1- Maria cut herself last week.
2- I will do the job myself.
3- Take care of yourself.
4- Make sure you and Maria don`t hurt yourselves!
5- Why did you go to the party by yourself? 
6- John wrote the letter himself.
7- I was waiting to the bus all by myself
8- I`m taking care of myself
9- Bob made this soup by himself.
10- I myself cut the cake
8 3 8