A melhor resposta!
1- He made a promise yesterday
2- They are doing the homework
3- I`ll do the laundry latter. 
4- She made a weird noise last night. 
5- Can you please make my bed today? I am late. 
6- I did the exercises that theacher asked. 
7- Go there, and do your best.
8- It makes me very happy. 
9- You`ll have to make a choice between me or her. 
10- Tomorrow I`ll do my nails. 
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We make cakes in the morning
He make your homework every day
They don't make your teacher happy
I like to make pies
Do you have a bike!
Do they study in SP?
Where do they have lunch?
What time do they go to school?
Do they pies for sell?
Who do English at wizard?