A melhor resposta!
Do you have some question?
I don't have any questions for you.
I have some questions for you.
Dos she have some fruit to eat at picnic?
She  has some fruit to eat at picnic.
Oh no, she doesn't have any fruit to eat at picnic.
Do they have some money to land me?
No, they don't have some money to land you.
Yes, they have some money to land you
Does he have some problem with his car?
No, he doesn't have any problem with his car. It's OK.
Yes, Can you help me with this, because I have a problem with my car.
Do you have homework today?
No, I don't have homework. It's nice !
Yes, my bad! i have homework to do this afternoon.
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He has a sister.
He doesn't have a sister.
Does he have a sister?

We have English class today.
We don't have English class today.
Do we have English class today?

You have to leave early.
You don't have to leave early.
Do you have to leave early?

They have a new house.
They don't have a new house.
Do they have a new house?

She has a pink blouse.
She doesn't have a pink blouse.
Does she have a pink blouse?
espero ter ajudado.

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