1 - Did you go to Rio?
2 - Where did you go at night?
3 - Why was he angry?
4 - Were you dating?
5 - Were you hungry?
6 - Did you go anywhere exciting on friday night?
7 - What did you have for lunch?
8 - Did you go anything relaxing in the afternoon?
9 - Did you go anywhere nice on Sunday?
10 - Did you do anything in the house on Saturday moring?

1 5 1
1) Did you dance all night long?
2)What did you do last night?
3)Did she arrive last night?
4)Did he ask his dad?
5)Did they study hard fot the test?
6)Did you love the concert?
7)Did he live in Brazil?
8)Did she wash his car in the morning?
9)Did we stop the party?
10)Did you run in the morning?
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