Sobre Present continuos,
complete as frases abaixo com o present continuos
a) My mother________ (cut) Bread
b)______________ you brother___________ (drive) his new car?
c) The Childrem____________ (take) the Books to the library
d) Jonatham________________ (sulinegative) now
e) we ___________ (study) sipanich now
f) that man__________________ (buy) a book now
g) Jack and Thony_____________ (help- negative
h) __________ you __________ (write) postcards? Alguém mim ajuda



A) My mother cuts Bread
b) Does your brother drive his new car?
c) The Children take the Books to the library
d) Jonathan sulinegatives now
e) we study spanish now
f) that man buys a book now
g) Jack and Thony don't help
h) Do you write postcards?
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