Texto blue jeans
levi strauss a young immigrant from germany arrived in san francisco in 1850 california was inthe middle of the gold rush. thousands of men were coming to california to dig for gold and levi strauss cme to sell canvas to these gold miners canvas is a heavy fabric. so levi strauss thought the miners could use the canvas for tents.
one day strauss heard a miner complain that he couldn´t find clothes strong enough for the work he was doing strauss got an ideia he quickly took some of his canvas and made it into pants these pants were what the miners needed ln one day strauss sold all the pants he had made.
strausswanted to improve his pants he wanted to make them even better he bought a fabric that was softer tha canvas but just as strong. this fabric came frim nimes a city in france and was called serge de nimes the miners liked this fabric they called it´´denim (from de nimes) and bought even more pants from strauss
however denim had no color because of this the denim pants did not look very interesting and they got dirty easily to solve these problems strauss dyed the denim blue.
strauss continued to improve his jeans today the company he started is known around the world and jeans are considered not just practical but very fashionable as well

what is the meaning of the underlined words? circle the letter of the correct answer

1)strauss was a young immigrant
a) person who moves to another country

b) person who is good in business

2)canvas is a heavy fabric

3)the miners complained that they didn´t have strong clothes
a)told about problems
b)told stories

4)strauss wanted to improve his pants
a)make them better
b)make them cleaner

5)strauss dyed the denim
a) changed the texture
b)changed the color

6)today jeans are considered good for many uses
a)thought to be
b)made to be

7)blue jeans are practical

8)blue jeans are fashionable
a) popular to wear