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There is our house
there is the supermarket
there is our school
There are my cell
there are Kurt
There are my friends!
Na interrogativa
Is There our house ? Is there the supermarket? Is there our school? Are there my cell? Are there Kurt? Are there my friends?
Na negativa
Isn't there our house. Isn't there the supermaket. isn't there our school. Aren't there my cell. Aren't there Kurt. Aren't there my friends. :)
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Olá, Ajokar15i!

There is a cake inside the refrigerator.
There is a car parked there.
There is an apple on the table.

There are many cars there.
There are books on the table.
There are pens on the box.

Agora, vou passar as mesmas para a interrogativa:

Is there a cake inside the refrigerator?
Is there a car parked there?
Is there an apple on the table?

Are there many cars there?
Are there books on the table?
Are there pens on the box?
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valeu...isso vai me ajudar e muito