1)Complete as lacunas, conjugando o verbo TO BE de acordo com o sujeito e reescreva as sentenças afirmativas de forma a torná-las negativas e, em seguida, interrogativas.
a)You __ a student.
b)He __ my brother .
c)She __ my sister.
d)It __ a big house.
e)Sandra, Adilio and me __ from Bazil.
f)They ___ friends.
g)Paula ___ a nurse.
h)That girl talking on the cell phone __ my best friend.
2)Reescreva as sentenças afirmativas utilizando DO/DOES de forma a tona-las negativas e, em seguida, interrogativas.
a)I like apples.
b)You work here.
c)He plays soccer.
d)She dances on weekends.
e)My car work great.
f)We walk every day.
g)You hate tomatoes .
h)They come here every day.
i)You like computer.
j)We need money.
k)He likes to work.



1) a) are⇨ You aren't a student⇨ Are you a student?
b) is⇨ He isn't my brother⇨ Is he my brother?
c) is⇨ She isn't my sister⇨ Is she my sister?
d) is⇨ It isn't a big house⇨ Is it a big house?
e) are⇨ Sandra, Adilio and me aren't from Brazil⇨ Are we from Brazil?
f) are⇨ They aren't friends⇨ Are they friends?
g) is⇨ Paula isn't a nurse⇨ Is Paula a nurse?
h) is⇨ That girl talking on the cell phone isn't my best friend⇨ Is that girl on the cell phone my best friend?
2) a) Do I like apples?⇨ Don't I like apples?
b) Do you work here?⇨ Don't you work here?
c) Does he play soccer?⇨ Doesn't he play soccer?
d) Does she dance on weekends?⇨ Doesn't she dance on weekends?
e) Does my car work great?⇨ Doesn't my car work great?
f) Do we walk every day?⇨ Doesn't we walk every day?
g) Do you hate tomatoes?⇨ Don't you hate tomatos?
h) Do they come here every day?⇨ Don't they come here every day?
i) Do you like computer?⇨ Don't you like computer?
j) Do we need money?⇨ Don't we need money?
k) Does he like to work?⇨ Doesn't he like to work?