Frases com drive/drove, eat/ate, fall/fell, feed/fed, feel/felt, fight/fought, fly/ flew, forget/forgot, get/got, give/gave, go/went, grow/grew, hang[out]/hung[out], have/had, hit/hit, hear/heard, hold/held, hurt/hurt, keep/kept, know/knew, leave/left, make/made, meet/met

you gave many sweets
i go to the mall every day / we went to church last night
nao deu tempo de terminar depois eu comtinuo
parei no grow/grew,
espero que pelo menos os que eu citei ajuda um pouco pelo menos!!!


I love to drive.
He drove all night.
Let's eat some cookies.
She ate all the food.
Don't fall!
He fell into a deep sleep.
Let's feed the whole population.
The amount to be fed may be 1 to 2 kg per day.
I feel the love.
He felt the sun.
It's not time to fight.
Mahatma Gandhi fought all his life.
The airplane is going to fly.
He flew over the river.
I want to forget that day.
She forgot me.
Let's get the clothes.
Have you got your books at school?
I will give you my attention.
I gave you all of me.
I need to go to the pool.
He went there last week.
When I grow up I wanna be a doctor.
He grew up and forgot all his dreams.
Let's have a good time together.
I had to walk all morning.
Confidence hit people all around the world.
I can hear you.
She wasn't heard.
You can hold yourself on me.
I could have held you.
I don't wanna be hurt.
Don't hurt yourself.
Keep moving.
She kept swimming until the end.
I know your name.
I knew it were trouble.
Leave me alone!
She left the airplane before he could say something.
I'm going to make a cake.
He made a great salad!
Nice to meet you.
I have already met her.

Espero ter ajudado! Bjs