1. They were buying a dress.
2. She was trying to learn how to play the piano.
3. I wasn't copying the text.
4. We weren't drawing during the class.
5. Was he riding a bicycle?
6. You were writing a chronicle.
7. I was holding his hand.
8. What were you all talking about?
9. Were you kissing her at the party?
10. We were watching TV when someone called us.
2 5 2
A melhor resposta!
1) I was reading my favorite book last night.
2) It was raining a lot when we left.
3) What were you doing at 10 a.m.?
4) Yesterday, at 5 o'clock, I was going to te mall.
5) Were they reading?
6) Was I learning?
7) They were reading.
8) I was learning.
9) I was singing a little song.
10) Were they learning english?
11) I was eating when you arrived home.
12) That group of people was beating up a boy when I arrived in the party.
13) You were watching TV when your mother left home yesterday.
14) My mother was cooking our dinner when I called her.
15) I was playing with fire until I got burned.
16) My brother was sleeping when my parents arrived from the play.
17) I was talking with my friend.
18) She was eating a cake.
19) He was running when he fell.
20) The pupils were writing a book.
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